Jupiter’s Chair


Jupiter’s Chair by Mac Collins was inspired by Mac’s residency at Holkham Hall, facilitated by The New Craftsmen. The chair (and its counterpart, Jupiter’s Side Table) was initially inspired by the story of a two-thousand-year-old Roman statue of Jupiter found at Holkham that, through the evolution of ideas and the passage of time, had been displaced from its original position at the core of the estate. The individual forms that compose the chair draw inspiration from the repeating curves and monumental pillars of Palladian-style architecture. The crest rail that encloses the sitter is informed by the horseshoe in the mouth of the ostrich, an image seen in the Holkham crest.Though the chair is a contemporary piece, the deep lustre of the waxed finish pays homage to the traditional furniture pieces found in the hall. Both the table and the chair have been produced in collaboration with the talented furniture maker Daniel Bradley. The Jupiter’s Chair was exhibited at the Design Museum, as part of Mac Collins’ solo show, when he became the 2022 winner of the Ralph Saltzman Prize.

Material: Oak
cm: Width 87cm, Depth 72cm, Height 71cm
inches: Width 34.3in, Depth 28.3in, Height 28in
Care Instructions: Use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners, and do not leave anything wet or damp on the surfaces.
Lead Time: 8-10 weeks


The chair is constructed with solid English oak timber which was specifically chosen to tell the story of Holkham’s native timbers. The crest rail shape and profile were created by Mac Collins, and through a mix of handcraft and CNC machining, the form was made to encompass the solid oak turned chair frame. The seat and back have been laminated using constructional solid oak veneer, with the back shaped to follow the profile of the crest rail. Once constructed, the chair is stained in Minerva Red, a colour created by Mac himself to match the colours of the fabric walls at Holkham. To finish, the piece has been oiled and waxed to create a traditional, English polished finish.

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The Maker Mac Collins Artist & Designer - East Midlands

Mac Collins is an emerging British designer, maker and artist from Nottingham; graduating with a degree in Three-Dimensional Design from Northumbria University, Newcastle, in 2018. In the years since graduating, he has been committed to designing and making narrative-rich and impactful furniture and objects. As a designer of Jamaican descent, Mac draws on his Caribbean lineage to create artefacts that are often informed by the stories and the charisma of his elders. In 2021, Mac was named winner of the Emerging Design Medal by London Design Festival.

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