Lilac Ring Vessel II

Lilac Ring Vessel II by Tina Vlassopulos features as part of a body of work called 'Silent Sounds', which explores the theme of silence, sound and music. It aims to convey the illusion of sound, intertwining the transient qualities of the aural with the silence and permanence of fired clay.

Material: Stoneware, lilac stain, cobalt carbonate
cm: Width 10cm, Depth 11.5cm, Height 25cm
inches: Width 3.9in, Depth 4.5in, Height 9.8in
Care Instructions: Dust with lint free cloth, avoid handling whilst wearing jewellery.


This vessel is carefully crafted from stoneware clay with the addition of a cobalt carbonate and a lilac stain to create the lilac hue. The process is long and considered, using a variety of specialist tools such as metal kidneys and wooden ribs to scrape and sculpt. Finally, it is repeatedly burnished with metal spoons and pebbles, resulting in an extremely unique smooth finish.
The Maker Tina Vlassopulos Ceramicist - London

London-based ceramicist Tina Vlassopulos is one of the leading hand-builders of sculptural forms. With a BA Honors in ceramics from Bristol Polytechnic, numerous awards to her name, and international exhibitions, Tina makes pieces that are full of latent energy and movement. Their energy emanates from in the twists, curves and spirals that feature in Tina’s work and make it so distinctive. Each piece is made of carefully burnished earthenware which has a strong elemental quality and shifts her work away from our traditional familiarities and perceptions of ceramics.

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