Metameric Vessel VI

Edmond Byrne
Metameric Vessel VI by Irish glass blower Edmond Byrne, is exclusive to The New Craftsmen. The series examines the metameric phenomenon; when two individual colours appear indistinguishable to the human eye, their difference is revealed with a change in ambient light. Glass reflects light but also allows light to pass through and project. The nature of this dynamic affects light of different wavelengths reaching the eye, lending itself to this phenomenon. Edmond is inspired by the complex way in which the human mind interprets emotions, and the combination of culture and memory from different areas of the mind. Each piece in the range was made to induce an emotional response from the viewer, by the exploration of colour, texture and form, making the vessel a manifestation of emotion.

Material: Glass
cm: Width 8cm, Depth 8cm, Height 26.5cm
inches: Width 3.1in, Depth 3.1in, Height 10.4in
Care Instructions Hand wash in warm water
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Inspired by his sketches, Edmond creates each mould using tactile materials like clay, fabric and plaster to introduce unpredictable, unique surfaces in each piece. Once blown, a crackled, clay patina is left behind, evoking ancient glass artefacts. Edmond’s approach to craft is experimental, with themes of assembly, stacking and play running consistently throughout his practice. He works with a library of textures and forms to achieve his exquisite final pieces.
The Maker Edmond Byrne Glass Artist - South East England

Edmond Byrne is an Irish glass blower producing artworks and vessels from mould blown glass. Taking influence from the work of renowned glass artist Geoffrey Baxter, Edmond has re-interpreted Geoffrey’s undulating, vibrant forms through his own innovative approach, blowing glass into hand-made moulds covered with a clay patina. Edmond Byrne’s work has received numerous awards including the Dan Klein Memorial Award in 2011 as well as being exhibited amongst several international collections.