North Ronaldsay Sheepskin Rug XIV

North Ronaldsay Sheepskin Rug XIV by Isle of Auskerry. This luxuriously soft and rare sheepskin rug has been sustainably produced by Isle of Auskerry, a family-run business and the sole inhabitants of the remote Orkney Island. Only three flocks of the endangered North Ronaldsay sheep remain. Dedicated to preserving this rare breed, Simon Brogan and his wife Teresa create these unique rugs from their own herd.

Material: Sheepskin
cm: Width 4cm, Depth 66cm, Height 113cm
inches: Width 1.6in, Depth 26in, Height 44.5in
Care Instructions: Can be machine washed on "wool"
The Maker Isle of Auskerry Rug Maker - Scotland

Isle of Auskerry is a family-run business conceived by Simon Brogan and his wife Teresa, the sole inhabitants of a remote Orkney Island in Scotland. In a bid to swap the life of a commuter for one working with nature, they moved to dedicate themselves to ensuring the survival of the rare North Ronaldsay sheep, of which there are only three flocks left in Orkney. From their herd, Isle of Auskerry create luxuriously soft sheepskin rugs, each unique in its colour and markings.