Notebook Collage

Jo Waterhouse
Notebook Possessions Collage is a unique framed artwork by Jo Waterhouse, inspired by the relationship between object and identity. The items featured in this work were once cherished by a lover of the written word. The belongings are crafted from an array of materials, including found and antique paper, then arranged on handmade paper sourced from the site of the world's first mechanised paper mill in Hemel Hempstead.
Material: Paper.
cm: Width 4cm, Depth 45cm, Height 59cm
inches: Width 1.6in, Depth 17.7in, Height 23.2in
Care Instructions: Avoid hanging in direct sunlight.


Rather than conveying the spoils of a consumer society, Jo has endeavoured to reveal the importance of cherishing the things that spark joy in our lives. Quite often these possessions are imbued with memories and emotional connections, and that is where the value resides.
The Maker Jo Waterhouse Illustrator - East of England

Jo Waterhouse is an illustrator and textile designer based in the town of Hitchin in East England. Jo studied at the Dartington College of Arts and originally worked in antiques before starting her illustrative practice. During this time she learnt about historic materials and designs - elements that have greatly influenced her work. Jo Waterhouse’s pieces draw heavily on her surroundings and British folk traditions. Her characterful illustrative are lush with patterns, textures and surprising details.