In January of this year, we spent the day with Annemarie O'Sullivan and Tom McWalter of Studio AMOS, filming the team in the midst of their annual willow harvest. 

Studio AMOS is a craft studio led by Annemarie O'Sullivan and Tom McWalter based in Sussex, UK.  They grow and harvest local materials to make objects ranging from functional baskets and one-off artworks, to more recent ventures into furniture and lighting in collaboration with The New Craftsmen. The team grow around 20 varieties of willow, which they harvest by hand on a half-acre plot near their home. Harvest time is an intrinsic part of Annemarie and Tom's calendar, heralding the beginning of their making year and allowing them time to reconnect with both their raw material and cyclical way of life;

'I think it would be true to say with most of the things that we make there not really things people need in an immediate way. By having them in peoples homes, they meet a deeper need that people have these days, which is to bring nature in to our home environment' - Tom McWalter.


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