Phlox Bolster in Off-White

Rosemary Milner
Phlox Bolster in Off-White is part of the Garden collection by artist and designer Rosemary Milner. While designing the collection, it was important to Rosemary that she illustrated plants with personal significance and those she often sees around her. The Phlox design came after exploring her family walled garden, as she found herself captivated by the delicacy of the little flower heads on the herbaceous, fragrant perennials.

Material: Hand dyed hemp silk, linen
cm: Width 50cm, Height 50cm
inches: Width 19.7in, Height 19.7in
Care Instructions: Dry clean only


The cushion is made by screen printing multiple layers of colour onto hand dyed hemp silk. Rosemary then adds small amounts of hand embroidery to define the leaves and add texture and interest.
The Maker Rosemary Milner Textile Artist - London

Rosemary Milner is a London based surface pattern designer and embroiderer, whose work is inspired by historical narratives and natural imagery. The North Yorkshire moors and surrounding area is reflected in Rosemary's work through the recurring motifs of birds, hares, foxes and marine life.