Porcelain Leaning Vessel

Olivia Walker

Porcelain Leaning Vessel by Olivia Walker is a highly textured large piece that references natural and organic forms, that grow over the thrown pieces below. Olivia's highly collectable pieces are informed by organic and decaying forms through the build-up of complex surfaces.

Olivia looks to natural forms and elements in nature that are made up of many small repeating parts, such as coral. She is interested in things that are very simple individually, but when put together become something different and powerful.

Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Height: 25cm, L: 19cm Width: 18cm
Care Instructions: This piece should only be handled from the bottom and can be gently cleaned with warm soapy water
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After creating her initial shape on a potter’s wheel, Olivia spends many hours building up the texture made from hundreds of individually applied fragments of porcelain that come together to create a flowing and organic surface. As the work is so intricate the pieces can never be replicated in exactly, making each piece totally unique.
The Maker Olivia Walker Ceramicist - South East England

Olivia Walker is fascinated with the intersection between the man-made and natural. Using porcelain, she throws precise forms, then covers them in paper-thin accretions. These organic, lichen-like growths speak of organisms - fungus, coral and bacteria - growing over and devouring the form beneath. Olivia Walker’s current body of work looks at the fine line between growth and decay. Her work is held in both public and private collections throughout the UK and worldwide.