Rose Pink Tapered Vase (Small)

Arjan Van Dal
Rose Pink Tapered Vase (Small) by Arjan Van Dal is suitable for displaying flowers or as a decorative piece.
Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Height: 16cm, Length: 11cm, Width: 11cm
Care Instructions: Wipe with damp cloth.
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The various colour pigments are worked manually into the porcelain form to create a solid colour. Once fired, the pieces are glazed with a transparent glaze on the inside while the outside is polished with a diamond sanding pad to create a very smooth surface.
Rose Pink Tapered Vase (Medium) by Arjan Van Dal
The Maker Arjan Van Dal Ceramicist - London

Following a successful career working for the Dutch Commission to UNESCO, Arjan Van Dal began his “second career” in ceramics in 2015 having studied in his spare time under the watchful eye of Raymundus van Kessel. He was taken on as an assistant to Hitomi Hosono before being selected for the Crafts Council Hothouse Programme in 2016. Arjan has since exhibited his work across the globe, notably at the International China Craft Week in Hangzhou, and he was also commissioned to create an entire dinner range for Gazelle Mayfair.