Tall Ash Vessel V

Anthony Bryant
Tall Ash Vessel V by Cornish woodturner Anthony Bryant is inspired by windswept woodlands and the beauty of found timber. This decorative piece is a unique reflection of the natural world. The inherent beauty of wood motivates Anthony to push his skills to new heights. Discovering the grain, and the way it affects the form of each piece, is central to his process. The Tall Ash Vessel V was a challenge for Anthony to work with due to its heavy weight and several hearts halfway down, which are formed when branches are old enough and thick enough to develop heartwood. It is usual in woodturning to avoid having the wood oriented in the same vertical direction as the tree grows, as it is highly difficult to turn and known as ‘turning on end grain’. However, Anthony was charmed by this piece of wood and knew that the hearts would move and warp as the wood began to dry. He also admired the spalted grain with its typical black felt-tip pen-like watermarks, which can now be marvelled at in the form of this one-of-a-kind vessel.

Material: Ash
cm: Diameter 41cm, Height 51cm
inches: Diameter 16.1in, Height 20.1in
Care Instructions: Dust gently with a dry cloth


Anthony turns his pieces with his own handmade tools while the wood is green and sap-filled, over the span of several days. This is commonly referred to as ‘green-turning’ and allows a much thinner walled vessel. Green-turning is a time sensitive process; as the wood dries, it warps and splits, which can impact the final piece if not approached with skill and speed. The vessel is then left to dry, during which it warps into its final shape. Anthony only uses English wood, such as oak or ash, for their unique aesthetic and materiality.
The Maker Anthony Bryant Wood Artist - South West England

Anthony Bryant is internationally recognised for his work in 'green' woodturning. Working from his studio in Cornwall, Anthony creates work which stretches the potential of the material to its limits, both in scale and its breathtaking thinness. His thin walled green-turned wood pots showcase the technique he has developed since he began woodturning at the age of 13, with many pieces so fine the light shines through.