Tall Euphorbia Vase

Jochen Holz, Philippa Craddock
Tall Euphorbia Vase by glass artist Jochen Holz & royal florist Philippa Craddock. A free blown borosilicate glass vase hand made exclusively by Jochen as part of Glass Meadow, an expert collaboration between these two masters of their craft.

Tall Euphorbia Vase by Jochen Holz & Philippa Craddock. Jochen was inspired to take a universal shape, like a classic cylinder, and manipulate the surface to redefine the shape in an organic, gestural way. The handle attached to the form emphasises this dynamic, making each one a unique and practical vase for bigger or longer stemmed flowers.
Please note that the hanging cord featured in these images is not included in the purchase price, however bespoke, coloured cord can be sourced upon request.

Material: Clear borosilicate glass, optical profile rod.
Dimensions: Height: 39cm, Diameter: 9cm.
Care Instructions: Each vessel is dishwasher safe
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Jochen crafts each piece by hand, in order to maintain complete control of the quality and aesthetic, from clear and/or coloured borosilicate glass. Each piece is unique and may appear slightly different due to the handmade nature of the piece.
Tall Euphorbia Vase