The Wellington (2021)

Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras
The Wellington (2021) by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras is a unique handmade bowl fashioned from Portuguese cork oak bark, gilded with gold, and painted with historical pigments. The rich green paint, mixed by Pedro himself, is called terre verte, a pigment originating in Verona and a favourite of Cennino Cennini (the late-Gothic Florentine painter) who used it as a base for gilding, hence the alluring addition of 24 carat gold. This unique artwork is named in homage to Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, who is celebrated for his military prowess. Terre verte carries heavy military associations, and the colour has been used for uniforms by the Imperial Russian Army since the 18th century. This beautiful object is a collector's item, carefully crafted to stand the test of time.

Material: Cork, 24 Carat Gold, Terre Verte
Dimensions: Height: 13.5cm, Length: 35.5cm, Width: 31cm
Care Instructions: Dust lightly, metal rim can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth
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The Wellington (2021) is handmade using Portuguese cork oak bark and traditional Japanese lacquer techniques to create a vessel which truly celebrates nature, tradition and innovation. The vessel's organic shape is formed from the parts of the tree that grow over old cut branches on the tree's trunk. Terre Verte paint (dry pigment suspended in resin) is applied to the interior, and the edge is gilt with 24 Carat Gold.
The Maker Pedro Da Costa Felgueiras Historic Paint Specialist - South East England

Pedro da Costa Felgueiras is a historic paint and lacquer expert based in London. He established his practice Lacquer Studios in 1995; specialising in Oriental & European lacquer as well as historic paint techniques. Having built his reputation restoring objects for museums, historic properties and private clients, more recently Pedro has turned his attention to creating artworks and furniture showcasing his heritage and the materials, methods and centuries-old traditions of paint craftsmen.