Violet Cobalt Diamond Bottle

Katie Spragg
Violet Cobalt Diamond Bottle by ceramicist Katie Spragg is crafted from slip-cast porcelain with a natural cork stopper and found glass vintage ink bottle.

Violet Cobalt Diamond Bottle by ceramicist Katie Spragg is inspired by Victorian poison bottles and gift shop souvenirs. The pieces were originally created for Katie's BA degree show at Brighton University where she developed a body of work that evoked true stories which revolved around poison. The colour of the glass is influenced by the blues, greens and browns often used for old poison bottles.
Material: Slip-cast porcelain, cork and glass.
Dimensions: Height: 10cm, Width: 4cm
Care Instructions: Wipe carefully with a damp cloth.
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This series of bottles are inspired by the true story of Gertrude Kiwi, a young Jewish girl brought to England from Germany during World War II: “We arrived in Harwich with the boat and got out. And just outside there was a small shop that sold chocolates with a small placard in the window that said ‘Gift Shop’. And I got very scared - ‘Gift’ in German means ‘poison’. I thought Oh my God they are going to poison us after all! ‘Gift’ became the very first word I learnt in English.”
The Maker Katie Spragg Ceramicist - South East England

Katie Spragg is a ceramicist who creates unique hand-made sculptures which explore how nature continues to grow and thrive beyond the urban reality that now dominates many landscapes. Katie’s current work advocates the simple pleasure of being outside in nature, with her pieces often inspired by a specific place, whether it be Forde Abbey in Somerset where she was an artist in residence, or the pavement outside her studio in London.