White Bloom III

Lucinda Kirkby
White Bloom III is a decorative porcelain sculpture carefully handcrafted by London-based ceramicist Lucinda Kirkby, inspired by the language of plants. Drawing its inspiration from plants, dance and architecture, this ethereal sculpture shifts in scale, shape and form depending on how it is viewed. Paper-thin white petals, each of which are individually applied, seem to grow organically out of the piece.

Material: Porcelain
Dimensions: Height: 12cm, Length: 12cm, Width: 12cm
Care Instructions: Clean gently with water in a spray bottle. Always hold from the base with two hands as this piece is extremely fragile.
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Each delicate porcelain sculpture is created by employing a series of hand-building techniques; continually pinching, squeezing and repeatedly pressing the clay until it is paper-thin. Every petal is then attached individually, building up layers upon layers until a bloom begins to emerge.
The Maker Lucinda Kirkby Ceramicist - London

Lucinda Kirkby is a north London-based ceramicist, specialising in decorative porcelain sculptures. Born in Australia, she studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Chelsea College of Arts, London. Her sculptures are ethereal, composed of layers of paper-thin porcelain, which are shaped into flowers. Recently, she was one of the artists in residence at Guldagergaard, a renowned ceramics research centre in Denmark. She also creates functional pieces, including cups and saucers.