Wild Beast Table


Wild Beast Table by James Rigler, was inspired by James’ residency at Holkham Hall, facilitated by The New Craftsmen, which he saw as “a Roman palace, adrift in time by a couple of millennia”. James was captivated by the ancient statues residing the Hall, seeing them as time-travellers, voyaging across continents and centuries, bearing the scars of their (mis)adventures: “Their ancient sport binds them to the animalistic gilt furniture, all feathers and leonine paws, suggesting a wild chase that happens just out of our sight.” Drawing on this fantastical reading of the house, the carved ‘fur’ on the base of the Wild Beast Table provides a playful, stylised texture and results in a piece with a monumentality that reflects the magnificence of Holkham Hall itself.

Material: Stoneware ceramic with shellac and hand-distressed brass-leaf surface, and acrylic lacquer
cm: Width 60cm, Depth 60cm, Height 72cm
inches: Width 23.6in, Depth 23.6in, Height 28.3in
Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a damp cloth and lightly buff with a clean and dry cloth. Please avoid using abrasive cleaners, which may damage the surface.
Lead Time: 8-12 weeks


Using a mixture of semi-industrial ceramic techniques, James started by roughly ‘sketching’ the object’s form into clay, before taking a plaster mould once happy with the feel and scale. Casting into this mold created an exact plaster copy of the original clay texture, allowing him to smooth away imperfections and achieve something closer to carved marble. After firing, the pieces has been entirely gilded in metal-leaf and lacquered.

This film has sound

The Maker James Rigler Ceramicist - Scotland

James Rigler studied 3D Craft at the University of Brighton before graduating from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Ceramics and Glass in 2007. His bold ceramic sculptures are inspired by the language of architectural ornament, and James describes his recent work as being ‘led by thoughts of ruined and abandoned ancient places, romantic landscapes and stage sets’. In 2013-14 Rigler undertook a ceramics residency with the V&A Museum and is included in their public collection. Examples of his work can also be found in the collections of the Crafts Council and Chatsworth House, Derbyshire.